HOLE DESTROYER | Steel Under Silk 칼과 꽃 (snob) Chapter #23 Review

📖 ABOUT Yeonjo used to have it all: a highly respected family, a kind brother, and a comfortable life. Now, with his father executed for high treason, his last kin dead, and damned to a lifetime of slavery, Yeonjo has nothing to lose. All that is left is vengeance, and his chance comes when the new governor assigned to the region is none other than Kwon Hee-ryang, the man who destroyed everything Yeonjo loved. Now, Yeonjo will do everything to get his revenge…even if it means getting in bed with his greatest enemy. Hiding a blade behind his beautiful smile, like silk hiding steel, Yeonjo waits for his moment to strike. But things are not going to be so easy… ✍️ SUPPORT THE AUTHOR ✍️ Creator: snob Book: https://ift.tt/nk1Ii2C 🎨 SUPPORT THE AUTHORS Lezhin Comics ➤ https://lezhinus.com/ Tapas ➤ https://tapas.io ➤ Use "ZEAL865G" for 200 Ink! TappyToon ➤ https://tappytoon.com/ Manta ➤ https://manta.net/ 😏 ABOUT ME 😏 My name is CeeCee and I am the one and only host of the ZEALED FUJOSHI show. A reaction and review show heavily focused on the hottest and latest boys love anime, manga, manwha and webtoon. DONATION 🤝 https://ift.tt/u1FHAc7 Let's talk in DISCORD 👾 https://ift.tt/r1PHvQZ –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 🎵 Track Info: Slowly by Tokyo Music Walker https://ift.tt/v74tzWq Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/3Gp9uPh Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/sycNxcHZi38 ▶︎ Tokyo Music Walker Social media Instagram : https://ift.tt/A8lOsHW Twitter : https://twitter.com/TMW99407138 Facebook: https://ift.tt/u3xk5W6 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUPPORT MY CHANNEL BY LIKING ❤️ AND 👍 SUBSCRIBING - https://ift.tt/e0T4xqi - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGPVUrJltA4BXI_jvBBqlQ - www.zealedfujoshi.xyz LISTEN TO MY PODCAST 🎙️ https://ift.tt/x0hETcz WANT TO BE TEASED? CHECK 👇👇👇 - https://ift.tt/ByvrCg4 - https://twitter.com/ZealedFujoshi - https://ift.tt/0BfxbRk Steel Under Silk | The Blade and Flower | 칼과 꽃 | Snob | Lee Yeonjo | Yeonjo | Kwon Hye-Ryang | Hye-Ryang | Lezhin | Yaoi | Boys Love | BL | Manhwa | Romance | Slice of Life | Webtoon | Zealed Fujoshi | Podcast | New Podcast | Yaoi Podcast | Fujoshi Podcast | Fudanshi Podcast | Yaoi Review | Yaoi Reaction | Philippines Podcast | Pinoy Podcast | Filipino Podcast | Lezhin Comics | Best Yaoi 2021 | Yaoi 2021 | Must Read Yaoi 2021 | Best Yaoi June 2022 | Must Read Yaoi June 2022 | #SteelUnderSilk #TheBladeAndFlower #칼과꽃 #Snob #LeeYeonjo #Yeonjo #KwonHyeRyang #HyeRyang #Lezhin #Yaoi #BoysLove #BL #Manhwa #Romance #SliceOfLife #Webtoon #ZealedFujoshi #Podcast #NewPodcast #YaoiPodcast #FujoshiPodcast #FudanshiPodcast #YaoiReview #YaoiReaction #Pride2022 #PrideMonth2022

by Zealed Fujoshi

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